Text: Simple

Choose the simplicity of EMERPHED ready‑to‑use ephedrine.
Ready to use. Less waste.

Text: Stable

Choose the stability of EMERPHED ready‑to‑use ephedrine.
One vial. Two-year shelf life. Preservative-free.

Text: Safe

Choose the safety of EMERPHED ready‑to‑use ephedrine.
Commercially prepared. FDA approved.

Emerphed vial and box

The first and only FDA approved, ready‑to‑use ephedrine.

Emerphed vial and box

Want one less thing to worry about in the OR? Choose the simplicity, stability, and safety of EMERPHED* ready-to-use ephedrine from Nexus Pharmaceuticals. Ready to use. Less waste.

And no mixing means no mix-ups.

Prescribing Information


Redefining standards of care—the benefits of NEW EMERPHED

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No compounding

EMERPHED can be administered by any trained staff with less chance for error.

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2-year shelf-life

EMERPHED is ready when you need it with less frequent re-stocking/ ordering.

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No diluting or mixing

EMERPHED is easier to use with less waste and chance for error.

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No mixing.
No mix-ups.

See why the FDA recommends the use of non-compounded, manufacturer-prepared products.